Your Product and Services

Look at the array of products and services you currently offer, and how you charge for these. Again, put this information in a format that is easy to understand, both internally and, more importantly, for your current cus- tomers and prospects. Are there any immediate changes you need to make to your current offerings, or pricing strategy? If so, make a note here and transfer an activity to the action plans section later in your business plan.

When was the last time you asked your customers about their changing needs? A disciplined, quarterly review of your business plan will keep your service offerings fresh, profitable and ahead of your competitors.

This work can get a little confusing and there are a few differences if you are in the Business to Business market or the Business to Consumer market. The ideas are equally applicable to the Business to Consumer world, the main difference is that Business to Consumer companies tend to have higher numbers – more products and services and more customers. So keeping track of these details can be a bit more challenging, but the princi- pal is the same.

Describe all the products and services we supply to our customers and show how we charge for these.

Note: If you have this information in an internal document, you can “attach” your document to your business plan in Plan Genie.

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