As a lending organization catering to the dynamic landscape of small businesses, you understand that your clients’ success is intertwined with the strength of their strategies and planning.

Introducing Plan Genie, your strategic partner in elevating the businesses you support.

We believe that the key to sustainable success lies in effective planning, and we’ve harnessed this philosophy to create a suite of innovative planning products designed to transform the trajectory of your clients’ enterprises.

Imagine enabling your clients to not just dream, but to design a comprehensive roadmap for their businesses. With Plan Genie’s powerful tools and resources, your clients can craft strategic plans that drive growth, enhance performance, and secure a competitive edge. From the foundation of Plan Genie Lite to the dynamic capabilities of Plan Genie Smart, every product in our lineup empowers businesses to plan, execute, and succeed.

But our impact doesn’t stop at business plans. We extend our expertise into personal planning with Life Plan Genie, recognizing that fulfilled business leaders lead fulfilled lives. With Plan Genie, your clients can align their professional ambitions with their personal aspirations, creating a harmonious life of purpose and achievement.

Partnering with Plan Genie is more than a collaboration; it’s a commitment to the holistic success of your clients. By incorporating our innovative planning solutions into your lending process, you elevate your value proposition. You empower your clients not just with capital, but with the tools to transform their businesses into enduring success stories.

Join us in shaping the future of business lending. Empower your clients with Plan Genie and be the catalyst for their growth, resilience, and prosperity. Together, we’ll redefine business success in a way that transcends loans and numbers—fostering thriving businesses that leave an indelible mark on their industries.

Welcome to a partnership that unlocks limitless potential. Welcome to Plan Genie.

Here’s an outline of the specific Return on Investment (ROI) that business lenders can experience by partnering with Plan Genie:

Enhanced Client Relationships

ROI: Strengthened client relationships and loyalty.

How: By introducing Plan Genie’s planning solutions to your clients, you provide them with valuable resources to improve their businesses. This positions you as a strategic partner invested in their success, fostering trust and loyalty.

Improved Business Performance

ROI: Reduced default rates and increased loan repayment.

How: Plan Genie equips businesses with tools for effective planning, which leads to better financial management, strategic decision-making, and operational efficiency. This enhances businesses’ ability to generate revenue and meet financial obligations

Higher Success Rates

ROI: Increased success rate among borrowers.

How: When businesses have well-structured plans, their chances of success improve. By encouraging the adoption of Plan Genie’s planning solutions, lenders contribute to creating a more successful client portfolio.

Lower Risk Profile

ROI: Decreased risk exposure for lending organizations.

How: Businesses that plan effectively are better prepared to navigate challenges and market fluctuations. By promoting planning through Plan Genie, lenders can reduce the risk of loan defaults and financial instability.

Faster Loan Approval Process

ROI: Reduced time and resources spent on due diligence.

How: Businesses that present comprehensive plans are easier to assess for creditworthiness. By encouraging the use of Plan Genie, lenders can streamline their due diligence process, leading to faster loan approvals.

Cross-Selling Opportunities

ROI: Expanded revenue streams through cross-selling.

How: Plan Genie’s suite of products includes personal life planning solutions. Lenders can leverage this offering to cross-sell additional products or services to both business and personal clients.

Value-Added Service Differentiation

ROI: Competitive advantage in the lending market.

How: By offering Plan Genie’s planning resources alongside financial products, lenders distinguish themselves as holistic partners invested in their clients’ success, setting them apart from competitors.

Network Growth

ROI: Increased referral business and partnerships.

How: Satisfied clients who experience success through Plan Genie’s planning solutions are more likely to refer others to your lending organization. Additionally, partnerships between lenders and Plan Genie can lead to mutual referrals. With the help of Plan Genie, coaches can contribute to clients’ ongoing success by revisiting and adapting plans as needed. This ongoing engagement enhances client retention rates, creating a steady and reliable revenue stream for the coach.

Long-Term Business Stability

ROI: Enhanced resilience of clients in changing market conditions.

How: Businesses equipped with robust plans are better equipped to adapt to market changes. By promoting Plan Genie’s planning resources, lenders contribute to the long-term stability of their client businesses.

Industry Thought Leadership

ROI: Elevated reputation as a forward-thinking lender.

How: By embracing innovative solutions like Plan Genie, lenders position themselves as industry leaders and pioneers in promoting business growth beyond traditional lending.

Partnering with Plan Genie offers business lenders an opportunity to enhance their clients’ success while realizing substantial returns in terms of improved client relationships, risk management, cross-selling potential, and competitive advantage.

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