Our mission is to seamlessly blend practical planning tools with insightful education to equip your students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the ever-evolving business landscape

Plan Genie isn’t just about planning—it’s about fostering a deeper understanding of how businesses are structured, operate, and thrive. Our suite of products is meticulously designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering students hands-on experience in strategic planning, decision-making, and sustainable growth.

With Plan Genie, your students embark on a transformative journey that takes them beyond textbooks and into the heart of business excellence. From Plan Genie Lite, which provides a strong foundational understanding of planning principles, to Plan Genie Prime and Plan Genie Smart, which empower students to craft and execute comprehensive business strategies, our tools offer a holistic learning experience that resonates far beyond the classroom.

But our educational impact extends even further. With Life Plan Genie, we offer students the opportunity to explore personal life planning—a vital aspect often overlooked in traditional education. By empowering students to envision and design a fulfilling life, we equip them not only with business acumen but also with the tools to create a life of purpose and balance.

By integrating Plan Genie into your curriculum, you’re not just offering planning tools—you’re nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. You’re giving your students the power to drive success, lead innovation, and make a positive impact on their organizations and communities.

Welcome to a partnership that transforms education into real-world success. Welcome to Plan Genie—where learning meets empowerment, and where your students’ journeys towards excellence begin.
Empower the education of tomorrow—partner with Plan Genie today.

Here’s an outline of the specific Return on Investment (ROI) that business training and education providers can experience by partnering with Plan Genie:

Enriched Curriculum

ROI: Enhanced value and relevance of your curriculum.

How: By integrating Plan Genie’s planning solutions, your curriculum gains practical and hands-on components, equipping students with actionable skills that resonate in real-world business scenarios.

Improved Student Engagement

ROI: Increased student participation and enthusiasm.

How: Plan Genie’s interactive tools and real-life applicability make learning engaging and relatable, boosting student interest and active participation.

Competitive Differentiation

ROI: Elevated status as an innovative education provider.

How: Incorporating Plan Genie showcases your institution as forward-thinking, aligning your offerings with the needs of modern businesses and students.

Stronger Student Outcomes

ROI: Improved career prospects for graduates.

How: Graduates armed with practical planning skills are better positioned for success in the job market, leading to higher employment rates and better job placements.

Industry Partnerships

ROI: Strengthened ties with businesses and organizations.

How: Plan Genie equips students with skills directly applicable to businesses, making them valuable assets to potential employers and fostering collaborations between your institution and industry partners.

Alumni Success Stories

ROI: Increased positive outcomes for your alumni.

How: Alumni armed with planning skills through Plan Genie are more likely to excel in their careers, leading to a growing pool of success stories associated with your institution.

Enhanced Program Reviews

ROI: Positive program feedback and student satisfaction.

How: Students appreciate practical skills that have direct real-world applications. Integrating Plan Genie leads to higher student satisfaction and better program reviews.

Upskilled Faculty

ROI: Enhanced faculty expertise and relevance.

How: Plan Genie resources provide faculty with practical tools they can use to enrich their teachings and better prepare students for the demands of the business world.

Alumni Donations and Support

ROI: Increased alumni donations and engagement.

How: Successful alumni are more likely to contribute back to their alma mater, supporting your institution’s growth and initiatives.

Thought Leadership and Research

ROI: Elevated reputation in the education industry.

How: Partnerships with innovative solutions like Plan Genie showcase your institution as a leader in bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Partnering with Plan Genie offers business training and education providers a wealth of benefits, from enriched curriculum and student engagement to industry partnerships and alumni success. By equipping your students with practical planning skills, you’re not just educating them—you’re empowering them to excel in the world of business and beyond.

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