Marketing Plan VS Sales Plan

Your Marketing Plan is any activity that builds the company brand and involves communication with your existing clients and new prospects with the ultimate goal of generating new business opportu- nities for the company.

The Sales Plan addresses all activities, processes, and tools to manage and follow through to the close of a con- tract, sale, and beyond, into a long term relationship (these customers for life that we all want).

The workbook is designed to help you target specific goals within each business area, that are meaningful, and practical for each business section, and also support the larger corporate goals.

For example, the marketing plan may have its own 12 month goals:

  • Increase the number of new leads from x to y (use quantifiable language whenever possible)
  • Develop a social media component to our marketing program
  • Launch marketing campaign in new region
  • ??

Again, there is a thin line between a goal and strategy, the “how to do” it part. Don’t spend a lot of energy on the semantics. The key is creating a to-do list, select a champion to lead the project, and set a reasonable completion date.

Once you compete this section of your work book, you will have a complete set of action plans that address all aspects of your business. You also have the tools you need to help everyone understand their contribution to the whole picture, and how their fellow employees are involved in moving the company towards its goals. The stage is set for collaboration between departments, as everyone has a clear picture of what needs to be achieved.

Plan Genie will consolidate your actions plans into a single list and identify the priorities for the next quarter.

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