Gain a deeper understanding of your business

As you create your written plan you will gain a deeper understanding of your business and be able to effectively communicate this understanding to your employees, your customers, and to your business partners. Our format and workbook were created through many years of simplifying and refining core business principles and best practices. The program can be tailored to any size of business or types of business, including non profit organiza- tions and will work at any stage of the business life cycle.

Plan Genie will help you quickly and efficiently write a narrative business plan for your company, and to refresh your plan on a regularly scheduled basis. As you revise your business plan each quarter, you and your employ- ees will gain a greater understanding of your core business and broaden your knowledge of effective business practices.

This workbook has eight segments so you can work at your own pace. The first three segments will give you an overview of the planning process and our 4 Step Method for writing your business plan. The next four segments will take you through the 4 Steps and the final segment deals with tracking your progress and refreshing your plan on a continuous basis.

We strongly believe that a business plan is the foundation for a successful business, yet the majority of busi- ness leaders fail at this important responsibility. Fewer than 20% of small to mid size companies have a written business plan that is reviewed on a regular basis. Simply by working through this program you will separate your company from 80% of your completion.

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