For many entrepreneurial leaders, acquiring a planning discipline is difficult

Many see a business plan as con- fining and want the agility to respond to the changing challenges that emerge. They prefer the excitement, and often take pride, in their ability to make quick decisions when new opportunities arise.

It may be exciting for the leaders of the company, but can be very frustrating for the employees. It’s a little like the frustration we’ve all experienced as passengers in a car when the driver refuses to stop and ask for direc- tions, insisting on using his instincts to guide him to the right address.

So stop the car for a moment, update your plan and carry on happily to your destination. Your employees will love you for it. You can have a plan and still be agile, so stick with it. Once the planning habit is instilled in you and your staff, great things will begin to happen.

Plan Genie is a Universal Business Practices Template supported with audio Coaching Modules and this work- book that:

  • Makes business planning accessible and affordable for any business
  • Provides a framework and foundation to expand business knowledge over time Our purpose at Plan Genie is to help you:
  • Get your business under control and keep it that way
  • In the process, achieve more balance in your life and enjoy enduring success
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