Once the draft plan is written, we suggest you review…

  1. The organization structure: Are there any changes, additions, deletions needed to align your people to deliver on the action plans? As your plans change over time, your organization structure may also need to change. Note, the plan leads the structure, not the reverse.
  2. Key performance indicators (KPI’s): As you move forward with your action plans, you and your employees will want to monitor your progress. Watch what you are tracking. Are they the right indicators? Your key indi- cators should focus on the economic drivers of your business. Remember the phrase: What gets measured, gets done.
  3. Business Plan review dates: I mentioned earlier – this is where most business plans fail. It doesn’t take a lot of time to review and revise your business plan, so put these dates in the corporate calendar, make them public, and Don’t Change Them!

In addition to any other regular meetings, whether it is a daily huddle, weekly or monthly update meetings, etc., we recommend a formal quarterly business plan review meeting, separate and distinct from all the other meet- ings. Remember, business planning is a continuous exercise, not an annual event.

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