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I love my business plan. And it loves me back.

I have a written plan for my business. It is organized, relatively short, succinct, coherent, complete. I take good care of it. I keep it current, change it frequently, and take it with me wherever I go.

My business plan loves me back. Let me count the ways!

It keeps me focussed on my highest priorities.

I get a warm feeling each quarter when my team and I meet to review our progress and set new targets. The energy and excitement at these meetings is intoxicating.

I take it with me twice a year to show it to my bank manager. She loves it too. She even shows it to her boss. They like having us as a customer and are looking forward to lending us more money when we need it.

All our employees love it. They helped to write it, it’s their baby. They know what the other departments are working on which makes everyone’s job easier.

We show it to our new employees. They are really impressed and want to know more about how they can help us meet our goals. They tell me that their friends often ask them why they are so excited about working at our company and want to know how to get a job here.

I show I to my spouse. She doesn’t understand all of it, but she likes it too. She notices that I’m much less stressed now and seem to have more time for her and the family. She is excited that we already have three vacations scheduled this year.

I show it to our business partners. Our suppliers and distributors really, really like it. We’ve become very efficient at finding new opportunities where we can improve our products and services, and better ways to connect with our customers. I notice that they now have a written plan for their business. It is starting to feel like, together, we are unstoppable.

I show it to our marketing consultants. They love it too. It helps them make insightful changes to our web site, and other marketing material. With the core business descriptions clearly outlined in our plan, they can focus more of their time on the creative side, which is what they do best.

Did I mention that we’ve made record profits the last three years in a row?

I love my business plan!

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