What’s your Post-Crisis Vision? Questions to help you get there.

What's your post crisis vision?

We know C19 is “disruptive Innovation” on steroids. Every business has been disrupted, even those that are seeing revenue growth through this period. C19 has been the disruptor, and the best leaders will, and already are, looking at their business critically, using this situation to find new, innovative opportunities, both externally (customers, supply chain), and inside their companies (deployment of people, operating systems).

The challenge we see for many SME leaders is transferring their new ideas and evolving vision into a working plan.  A number of practical questions arise:

Where do  I start?

How do I get past this emotional reaction I and my team are experiencing in order to move forward with this work?

How do I translate my future vision into measurable goals?

What are the most important pieces to include in a high level summary of our future vision?

How far into the future should we plan?

How do I move from long term strategies to short term action plans?

How do I integrate new ideas with our current methods of doing business?

How often should I review and update my plan?

How do I maintain momentum when I need to make major changes (pivot) in the future?

How do I engage my team in creating and executing on the vision?

How do I include my values and cultural changes in the my new vision?

Who do I share my plan with and how do I do this?


The devil is in the details.

A lot of the work we do today is centred around supporting business owners in finding pragmatic answers to these type of questions. It has been a rewarding experience as working through these questions leads to tangible changes in business growth and leadership confidence.

I’ve learned that the act of writing a business plan is a powerful catalyst to self discovery and clarity.


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