What does Success Look like one year from now? How to Create One Year Goals

With an emerging picture of our Destination, we can focus on our more immediate
future – what does success look like one year from now?

What are the milestones we need to reach for this coming year?

These one-year goals will often be a subset of our 3-year goals, along with some other items we want to accomplish in the shorter term.


1. Revenue goal: Our aspiration this year is for a moderate increase in revenue of
10%, with greater emphasis on improved profit margin and overall net profit.
Insert chart showing prior two years and future three-year revenue.

2. Profit: Our goal for this year is a net profit of 8% or greater. To get there we will look at
changes, improvements to our pricing model, cost of goods, and find efficiencies
throughout all areas of our business.

3.  Service: Our customer satisfaction ratings from our three major customers have room for improvement. KPI’s for service rating to be added at a later date.

4. Complete a thorough business analysis for expansion of a branch office in (new

5) People: HR manual completed, with all company policies and a section for current job
descriptions and our organization chart. Clarify and define a set of company values to help mold a stronger company culture.

Note: We use this structure of Destination, One Year Goals and Strategies to help clarify
your thinking. Each time you review and revise your Business Plan Summary, these ideas
will become clearer. In the short term, don’t be too concerned about the semantics, just
make your lists then get on with getting the work done.

The Action Steps, Part IV of your plan, will help expand detail for all the items in this
section. These 90-day action steps are the key to sustained execution over time.

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