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Your Business Plan Summary is the foundation document for building a
working business plan. This is a relatively easy document to prepare
and to modify over time. The Plan Summary allows you to effectively communicate the direction you foresee for the company and also explain the core elements that
help drive your success.

There are five essential pieces in your plan summary:

1) Your Unique Business Proposition – what makes your company
unique and different
2) The Purpose of your business, as seen from the customer’s
3) Your Destination – Your longer term goals, your picture of success
3 years from now.
4) Your One Year Goals – Desired outcomes in the next 12 months?
5) Your Strategy – In broad terms, how you will achieve these

You should be able to outline this information in a couple of pages.
Once a draft document is created you are ready to begin collaborating
with your team to refine your thinking and enlist their engagement
Each of these sections is described in more detail in the drop down
menu under this tab.

A completed version of this document can be shared with your
employees, your business partners, your bank or any other party who
has an interest your success.

The act of writing a business plan is a powerful catalyst to self discovery and clarity.