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Better Business Through the Magic of Planning

One of the toughest challenges for CEO’s and entrepreneurs - How to keep employees focused on company direction in a rapidly changing world

Plan Genie will help you draft a complete set of plans for your business in a format that is quick and easy to revise on the fly.

We teach, we simplify: it’s MAGICAL !

Answer the thought provoking questions in the Plan Genie workbook, then press “Print”…. PRESTO! You have a complete documented plan, ready for execution, revision, and sharing.


Plan Genie LITE

This starter package contains the first four chapters of the Plan Genie Instruction workbook and covers the fundamentals of planning along with worksheets for completing a Business Plan Summary. This is an easy first step for the business leader who recognizes the need for better planning and wants help to get started.


Plan Genie PRIME

For those ready to take their planning work to the next level. The 2nd Edition of Plan Genie guides the business leader in rolling out a complete plan for their business and sustaining a planning process over time. A low-cost tool that will improve your business performance continuously into the future.


Plan Genie SMART

The same detailed instructions as Plan Genie Prime with the added convenience of working online. Company plans can be continuously revised and improved in real time. It promotes teamwork between departments as plans are rolled out across the company

Life Plan Genie

There’s more to life than business. If documented planning can improve your odds of business success, imagine how planning can change your life experiences.

Use the Life Plan Genie Workbook to set future goals in all facets of your life. It is designed in a similar format as the workbook for business.

Life planning can be done on you own or with family and close friends and colleagues. Have some fun with this by sharing the exercises with your friends and family. Sharing your ideas with others is a great way keep you on track and stay committed to your plan.

Is your team making beautiful music together or do they sound like a junior high school band at rehearsal?

Get Business Educated. It all starts with PLANNING

PLAN GENIE is the business mentor you never knew you needed

We’ve been helping individuals take control of their business and personal lives for decades. We’ve packaged “business education through the act of planning” into a bottle, so to speak, and released Plan Genie products to EMPOWER YOU in business.

All that we do and teach is based around the belief that all businesses can be better through the act of documented planning. Yes, financials and forecasts are important, but what about the body of your business? Are you feeding it properly? Is it strong? Most business issues are universal, there’s a cause and a remedy. Plan Genie helps you “open the hood” of your business, see what the current situation is, and offers practical, hands-on education and tools to make changes for your own happiness and business health.

Planning and goal setting are activities we do naturally in all aspects of our lives. And when we document our plans, we experience remarkable improvement in results.

A simple example is making a grocery list before you set off to the supermarket. When you work from a list, your probability of success goes up – less time wandering the aisles, buy only what you need, don’t forget something so you don’t have to make a return trip.

The same is true in business. When you work from a documented plan, you get better results. However, running a business is significantly more complicated than a weekly trip to the grocer. Plan Genie takes the complication out of this work and makes it easy for any business leader to develop an initial working plan for the business and revise your plan quickly and efficiently whenever needed.

When you work from a documented plan, you get better results

Companies that DOCUMENT a clear picture of the future state of their business increase their odds of success by 30-50%.

Listen to what these business owners have to say about learning how to plan with Plan Genie

The Plan Genie Academy - your resource for further learning

You will find quality articles, video instruction on all things planning. These resources are organized under 5 main headings:

  • 1 Plan Summary
  • 2 Values
  • 3 Where You Are Now (What you sell, Who you sell to, Your Partners/Alliances, Competitors)
  • 4 Departmental Action Plans
  • 5 Your Teams (Organization Charts)

We are a growing community of passionate people dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience on how effective planning leads to business and personal success. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to Plan Genie Academy.

We are a growing community of passionate people dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience on how effective planning leads to business and personal success.

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