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The purpose of an organization structure diagram is to clarify areas of decision making, responsibility, reporting lines, and assist communication throughout the company. It is intended to help all employees understand how they can best contribute to the overall company goals.

Each individual will typically have primary responsibilities in their area of expertise, however, it is important to be able to respond to changing priorities and contribute to other areas as needed. For example, everyone in the company can be unofficial marketing and sales agents for the company, although that may not be their primary area of responsibility. Similarly, all employees are responsible for ensuring you meet your customer service promises.

Most private sector companies are organized around four business areas: Marketing, Sales, Operations/Customer Service, Finance and Administration. Your organization structure may vary depending on the size and type of business.

In small companies, individuals may wear several hats, and need to jump from the role of President, to Sales Manager to Parts Delivery (Ops staff) all in the course of a day. Your Organization diagram will help you be more aware of these changing roles and help you plan recruiting priorities as your company grows.

Technology: All activities, processes, tools related to advancing the company’s capability via technology support systems.

This list of action plans may include items such as:

  • Review and assess performance of all partners, track KPI’s (key performance indicators) for easy assessment
  • Schedule 90 day, repeating meetings, with all high performing partners to develop joint marketing plan
  • Create new marketing plans to find and attract new partners and alliances
  • Research who are the key influences in our markets and make contact

Join us for a planning lesson to learn this core business skill before you start your plan.

The Plan Genie 4 Step model provides the tools to write your plan. Before you begin, it’s important to consider the planning process you intend to follow and decide how and when to involve your executive team, partners, and your employees.

Planning is best done in collaboration with others. Please watch this video on the planning process before getting started on your plan.

A word about how this workbook application is designed:

  • Each section of the Workbook contains a series of questions with space for your answers. As you complete each section you simply save your work, and you can print or save it as a PDF at the end.
  • You can return and change the content at any time by clicking on any section of the progress menu on the right. Each time you update the content, Plan Genie marks your plan with the date updated.
  • Each Step can be completed independently of the others. Depending on the size and complexity of your business, you may choose to do some of the workbook sections off line and add them to your business plan at the end.

The CEO’s ethical standards give rise to the Corporate Culture. To state the reverse, the Organization’s Values and Ethical Standards reflect those of the CEO, an individual, but the one with the most authority and power in the organization.

Core values are not relative, they are fixed. They are not goals.

In writing your core values consider how those statements will be reflected in observable behaviors and actions taken over the long term. (eg. What behaviors get rewarded?)

Here’s a couple of examples borrowed from Groen Brothers Aviation:

Value: Do the right thing

Which means that: As a corporation and individual, “we will always do the right thing”. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. It is easy, however, to know whether a course of action is right. If we ask ourselves, “is this right?” we already know the answer.

Value: We will listen

Which means that: We will listen to each other, our customers, our suppliers, and any other source of information and knowledge. We know we must continue to learn. We believe that knowledge is power. We will learn all we can about our industry and its needs. We will find out what our customers want and will give it to them.