Plan Genie is Cloud Based Business Training



Plan Genie is a cloud business planning workbook, built on a proven business planning process that is easy to learn and use.  Simply answer the questions in the workbook, then press “print”.  Plan Genie will produce your written plan.  Work on your own, or work one-on-one with one of our business coaches to help formulate your plan.

The “actual exercise” of learning how to prepare your business plan is as important, if not more, than the plan itself. Working with Plan Genie will teach you how to plan while you prepare your own unique picture of business growth and success. This new skill will sustain your business throughout your business life.

Video training and our companion workbook is included in our online software subscription.

Every business need is different, and we can tailor the Plan Genie experience to meet your needs. We can offer personal support from a dedicated team of business coaches behind the scenes to help along the way.

At our core, we are people, and want you to know we treat you as a person too. Get in touch any step of the way at

Who is this for?

A working business plan is the foundation for improving results in any business. If you are in a leadership role in your business., profit or not-for-profit, this is for you.

  • Small to medium size private companies – greater clarity and alignment for you and your staff
  • Lending organizations – get better, more predictable results for your clients, reduce risk
  • Accountants, legal advisors – bring value added services for your clients
  • Business educators – this is your core curriculum
  • Business Coaches – Plan Genie is a foundation tool for recruitment and retention of clients
  • Franchisors – best practice tool for all franchisees
  • Industry Associations – value added service for your members

Plan Genie Features

Plan Genie is Simple Cloud Business Planning. We take the complication out of creating your business plan. By following our simple and easy to follow process, you can have your plan completed in as little as a few hours. Use Plan Genie over and over to revise your business plan. Create Action Item lists and accelerate your business growth.


No more back of the napkin business planning. Plan Genie users save time and money every month, keeping their business organized, well communicated and up-to-date.


Online business planning anywhere, anytime – planning in the cloud. Mobile options make collaboration easy, with the security you need – we provide the same level of encryption as a bank, your work is safe and secure!


Business training is critical to business success, but most business owners claim they don’t have the time – Plan Genie is simple, effective business training to help you and your team reach the goals you set.


Share your business planning. No need to meet face-to-face to create a jointly crafted business plan. Work collectively either at the same time or when your schedule allows. Save time and money through cloud collaboration.

Customer Support

Our sole purpose is to build happy business owners. If at anytime you need help, simply email us at and a real person will answer your questions.

Live Action Plans

No time for a meeting? Want to share the tasks in a simple, effective way. Get instant insight into who is doing what in the business with detailed action plans for every critical area of your business.

Website/Marketing Content

Most clients use their Plan Genie work to refresh and build better website and marketing content. A priceless byproduct is having the right words to explain your business in a compelling way to the marketplace. By answering our targeted questions, we lead you to real business insights. Spend less on outside consultants.

AGM Presentations

Regardless of your business, you need to convey the company direction to your team and inspire them to follow your vision.

Deliver the company plan and the steps to get there, by completing your flagship business plan with us. We can custom package Plan Genie with your awesome brand to present and share with your special audience.

Business Coaching

Plan Genie is a living product. We provide professional, legendary business coaching with Plan Genie audio. Business is always personal. Plan Genie is designed to work on alone, with your teams, or with a Plan Genie Coach. One-to-one mentoring can help you get there faster by holding you accountable and exploring your unique business situation with the help of a Plan Genie Coach. We are successful business matchmakers. Contact us to find your Plan Genie Coach match today – all our Coaches are passionate about business with proven track records of business success.

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