Business Coaching Using Plan Genie

Recruiting new clients and retaining existing clients is an ongoing challenge for most business coaches.  The Plan Genie Partner Program is designed to assist business coaches to rapidly attract new clients and build long term revenue from existing clients.

Want to become a Plan Genie Coach?

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Here’s how it works

Most SME (Small Medium size enterprise) owners accept that they should work from a plan but few do.  There are two main reasons for this: They don’t know how to write and maintain a working business plan, and they do not want to spend a lot of money on consultants.

A discussion about a company business plan is an easy conversation for coaches to have with prospective clients that can quickly lead to helping them get started on this important work.

Plan Genie, implemented in steps, is a safe, low cost, and effective way to create a narrative business plan for your clients and to build trust for an ongoing coaching and consulting service.

With Plan Genie, the planning process is continuous, and the client and coach can discuss how much, if any, ongoing support the coach can provide.  Most clients will accept this ongoing help when the experience the value and clarity that flows from working from their plan.

As you work through the details of each new business plan you will uncover many opportunities to support your client in areas that fit your particular coaching expertise.